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Art Education
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“Great Ocean” artist Eloise Larson spoke with students during a recent Explorations class at Liberty Arts.

After the Artist Talk, students got to explore the work of artists Nickki Lee Hill and Eloise Larson, whose work the boys are examining above.

The theme of the exhibit was a meditation on death, which was a bit heavy, but the students offered great insight about their ideas and beliefs as they interpreted the work.

For the art project portion, the students worked with quills and cups of black ink, limiting their palette and style and forcing a minimalistic approach.

This intense work of art was quite popular with the gallery staff and “The Great Ocean” artists.

This piece really captures a feeling of overwhelming, claustrophobic suffocation. It’s quite impressive what strong ideas can be communicated with such a minimal approach.

Not all the art was quite so heavy, like this 2-layered piece that revealed itself when illuminated from behind.

Explorations is made possible through the generous funding of Shasta Regional Community Foundation/Arts in the Community fund and Pacific Power Foundation.

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  1. Bobbie Copeland says:

    Just wondering why you didn’t put the artists’ names on these student works?

    • admin says:

      Hi Bobbie, Since the children are minors, we need to be careful about protecting their identities on the internet. Even in the photos we use, we are careful not to show whole faces, which would require Model Releases signed by parents. In our hyper-techno world where every cell phone is a camera, this has become a gray area, but we prefer to err on the side of caution.