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“The Great Ocean” Exhibition
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Liberty Arts presents “The Great Ocean” exhibit featuring paintings, photographs and poetry by Eloise Larson and Nickki Lee Hill.

The Great Ocean exhibition recently returned from Alaska where it was on display at two different galleries during the fall of 2011.

The shipping boxes that carried the art home from Alaska pull double duty as the gallery window displays.

Upon entering the gallery, visitors are able to read the Show Statement and the Artist Statements, giving them deeper insight into the concept of this exhibit’s ‘Meditation on Death.”

Each of Larson’s large-scale black and white paintings feature swirling circular motifs.

The Great Ocean exhibition at Liberty Arts.

“This Breath and This Breathing” by Nickki Lee Hill

There are “12 Gathas,” or poems, by Eloise Larson spread throughout the exhibit.

“Springing Up From The Earth” detail by Eloise Larson

Death portraits by Nickki Lee Hill

“The Sweetness of Illumination” by Nickki Lee Hill

“Before The Mind Moves” by Eloise Larson

“Harper’s Line” detail by Eloise Larson

The Great Ocean exhibit runs through Saturday, March 31, 2012

Liberty Arts Gallery
108 W. Miner Street in Yreka, CA 96097
(530) 842-0222

Gallery Hours –
Wednesday through Saturday: 10am – 5pm
Sunday – Tuesday: CLOSED

All artwork Copyright by the artists ©Eloise Larson & ©Nickki Lee Hill. All Rights Reserved.
Photographs of exhibit by Nikolas Allen, Marketing Director – Liberty Arts

4 Responses

  1. Brenda Woods says:

    Thanks Jessie for starting this dialogue. It is a question we have no answers for. I perceived the the work in ‘The Great Ocean’ show as simply, neutral. In Nickkis’ work I see beauty IN death. There is beauty in the still, lifeless, soul-less shells which are now on their way back to the earth. In Eloise’ works are the soul pods, the sprites, the sparks in transition, floating, waiting for the time of their new form, new experience, new life. Any more interpretations?

    • admin says:

      Brenda ~ you offer a wonderful point-of-view and great interpretations of the work in the show. Thank you for joining the conversation, it’s great to hear feedback directly from our viewers/visitors.

  2. Great body of work, but why is Death always portrayed in such somber tones? Where is the celebration of Light, as we emerge from the prison of our bodies? When we are free of the limitations of our own perceptual vision, colors are wildly glorious.

    • admin says:

      Jessie ~ You pose a great question! While we cannot speak for the artists, in the name of creating a dialogue, I would opine thusly: Since we view the Great Unknown THROUGH the limitations of our perceptual vision (which is all many of us know), we only see death from THIS side – which appears dreary, dusty, somber and decayed. If we were able to see it from the Other Side, we very well may represent it with the celebratory golden light of which you speak. Thank you for the great comment! ~ Nikolas Allen, Liberty Arts