“Great Ocean” Opening Reception
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Liberty Arts hosted a capacity crowd for The Great Ocean, which featured a special visit from Monks of Shasta Abbey.

A full-capacity crowd swelled like waves in The Great Ocean at this surprisingly spirited opening reception which featured subdued, contemplative paintings, photographs and poems by Eloise Larson and Nickki Lee Hill.

The artists, Hill (L) and Larson (R), greeted audience members as they arrived.

Delicate melodies by harpist, Anne Johnson, floated through the air like playful seagulls on a salty breeze.

Before the crush of people arrived, guests took time to view the art on display.

Brenda Woods examines a minimalist painting by Eloise Larson titled, “Dissolving Naturally.”

A guest contemplates vacated shells of the recently extinguished in Nickki Lee Hill’s unwavering death portraits.

As the crowd builds it becomes harder to navigate the room, but the dedicated few are still able to make it to the wine bar…

…including the sharply-dressed Sharon LoMonaco and David Gochenour, owners of River Run Gallery in Weed, CA.

In addition to wine, there was delicious brown rice tea being served as well, which complimented the Eastern/Buddhist theme of the exhibit.

It’s officially a Party when the monks arrive!

At 6pm the crowd gathered ’round to enjoy a special treat from our Guests of Honor.

Eloise Larson introduced The Monks of Shasta Abbey who offered a chanted blessing of the ceremony, as well as a dharma talk.

A second wave of familiar faces from Mt. Shasta and beyond rolled in and kept the evening going well past its advertised end time.

As the evening finally wound to a close, Eloise Larson and Nickki Lee Hill celebrate the success of Liberty Arts’ inaugural launch of The Great Ocean exhibition.

Congratulations, ladies, for creating a beautiful exhibition and hosting an exciting opening reception to remember!

The Great Ocean runs through Saturday, March 31, 2012

Liberty Arts Gallery Hours are Wednesday through Saturday, 10am – 5pm.

Photos and Text by Nikolas Allen–Marketing Director, Liberty Arts

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  2. Nikolas~
    I love the video~ Thank you for doing such a great job with the coverage~~~+
    …and everything else…<3

    • admin says:

      Nickki, You are welcome! Glad I was able to capture the essence of this special event. ~ Nikolas

  3. Cynthia Henderson says:

    Nikolas, thank you for putting together such a great summary of this beautiful show. Sorry I missed it! I was with the other half of Siskiyou County at the Mt. Shasta Artwalk, but happy to see that some of those folk made it up to Yreka too!

    • admin says:

      Cynthia, You are welcome! Glad you were able to experience the evening through the website, if not in person. Hope you had a great time and the Mt. Shasta Artwalk – so happy to hear it has been revitalized. Hope to see you soon! ~ Nikolas

  4. Brenda Woods says:

    Yep, a totally amazing show AND evening. There is an endless amount of depth to this exhibit. Layers upon layers to discover. Bravo Eloise and Nickki!!!!

  5. This is a beautiful show … complete with a bevy of Buddhists! Congradulations to Nickki and Eloise!