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“Anicca-500 Hours of Art” Exhibition
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Liberty Arts unveiled final ‘Anicca’ masterpiece when 500 Hours of Art came to an end on Feb. 10, 2012.

Over the course of Anicca’s three-week run, the community poured into the gallery in droves to express their creative ideas, and just to enjoy the art spectacle. It took the entire duration of the project to fill up all the squares on the walls, but by the final day, they were covered with works of art by people of all ages.

Liberty Arts’ own Bee Soulé painted the pattern from one of her favorite shirts, creating this crazy, camouflage optical illusion.

Wow, check out the realistic lightswitches someone painted…Oh, wait…never mind.

There was controversy over these wings and claws at first, as we weren’t sure if they were legally procured. Then, the artist assured us they were from a big, fat domestic turkey he raised – and ate – himself.

The gallery staff enjoyed coming to work every day and playing, “Find what’s new on the wall,” which got more and more challenging as the weeks went on.

The awesome skull and roses piece was done by Joel Shelton, who runs a tattoo parlor next door to the gallery. We were happy to have him come in and share his skills.

When this ‘Hello Kitty’ piece showed up in the gallery, there was much joy in Liberty land.

The incomparable Rajiv Hotek never disappoints. Anybody familiar with his work knew instantly that this ‘roots on the wall’ piece was his.

Liberty Arts held a Closing Reception on the final night of the exhibit, where we served wine and hors d’ouevres, and marveled at the incredibly assorted mixture of styles and expressions on display.

While it was a marvelous evening, it was also bittersweet. At 6pm, after a few words from the gallery staff, we broke out the rollers and white paint and proceeded to expunge the entire collection of creative ideas the community had so eagerly and joyfully shared over the three-week duration of this project.

Did you have a favorite piece in the show? Please share your thoughts in the Comments section below.

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Photos and text by Nikolas Allen, Liberty Arts Marketing Director

2 Responses

  1. Cynthia Henderson says:

    Man! This is amazing! Since I wasn’t able to attend, it’s hard to pick a fave, but I do love Bee’s painting of her favorite shirt. I know how it feels to have a favorite artsy shirt … she immortalized it!

    Thank you Liberty Arts.

    Love, Cynthia

    • admin says:

      Cynthia – Yes, Bee and her shirt/painting were quite popular on closing night; She posed for many photos! Wish you could have joined us in person, as it was amazing indeed. Thank you for your comments!