“Anicca” Opening Night
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On a rainy night in January, Liberty Arts hosted an opening reception for “Anicca – 500 Hours of Art.” For this community art project, the public was invited to come into the gallery and draw, sketch, sculpt, write, glue or paint directly on our walls, thereby creating the exhibition, which will evolve continually over the course of its three week run.

Volunteers worked with staff and Board Members to turn the gallery into a giant art studio. Twenty minutes before the opening, we were still taping off walls, setting up supplies, and covering the floor with plastic in anticipation of a creative crowd…and an epic mess.

Thanks to a generous grant from Scott Valley Bank, we were able to stock up on art supplies including brushes, paints, pastels, markers, pens, palettes and LOTS of green tape!

A big part of the fun of was choosing which “shape” to use as your canvas. Here, Liberty Arts‘ own Bee Soulé helps her daughter, Corinna, choose the perfect spot.

This young lady on the left, Allie, was super focused and efficient with her creation. She came in, picked her spot, and got busy without distraction until her beautiful ballerina masterpiece was complete.

This woman also exhibited intense focus and worked her piece meticulously over the course of the evening. Meanwhile, her husband…

…worked on his landscape just a couple squares over, proving that the family that plays together, stays together.

The walls started filling up as the evening progressed, and it was great to see the various visions, ideas and concepts emerge in multiple forms of expression.

(L to R) Lisa Wright and Val Jereb from Scott Valley Bank with Liberty Arts’ Creative Director, Kim Presley and Board Member, Robin O’Brien.

Scott Valley Bank‘s Val and Lisa didn’t just stop by for a photo op, they came to collaborate on an impressive piece of calligraphiti.

Local artist, Brenda Woods, chose a brilliant color palette (apparently inspired by her outfit) for this mini piece called, “Hard To Leave Her.”

There was even some sculpture in the show thanks to Don East, who created this 3-dimensional figure on a board, before fixing the board to the wall.

This dynamic little duo watched Mom work but they were no mere gawkers – They each produced three(!) abstract pieces that showed much promise and, in a pleasant nod to pop art, adhered a McDonald’s french fry container to the wall in one of their pieces titled, “Eagle.”

In a nod to Pink Floyd, photographer Bob Swanson added “Just Another Brick In The Wall.”

Our opening celebrations are usually scheduled from 5pm – 7pm, but this event was so popular it couldn’t be contained to two hours, and people were still rolling in ready to paint at 8:30. We finally had to lock the doors and invite people back to paint during gallery hours over the following three weeks.

After all the brushes were cleaned, paint containers closed, markers capped, and spills, splotches and splats eradicated, we finally called it a night.

After closing, we ran across the rain-slicked street to the cozy refuge of The Audacity and Café to enjoy some dinner, wine, hot chai and conversation, while Mike Slizewski’s Bar Chord Trio serenaded the intimate crowd with their acoustic rock classics.

Liberty Arts is pleased to have met so many new visitors during this successful event. The most satisfying part was seeing people of all ages – strangers, friends and families alike – side by side, united in the process of creative expression. A big “Thanks” to all of YOU for sharing your talents and inspiration with us and the community by creating this temporary exhibition we call, Anicca.

The public is invited to come in and create–or just enjoy the work–during gallery hours through Friday, February 10, when we will throw a Closing Night “White-Wash” Party and cover up this temporary exhibition.

Liberty Arts is open Wednesday – Saturday, from 10am – 5pm. Please note that afternoon clean-up starts at 4:30pm.

Photos and text by Liberty Arts Marketing Director, Nikolas Allen.

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  1. Brenda Woods says:

    WOW, what a great opening. SOOOOOO different. Usually everybody is mingling in the middle, but this time everybody was out on the walls. CREATING!!! So fun.

  2. Connie and Brian says:

    Sorry we missed it! We were in Bay area…this is a wonderful community event. Thanks Nikolas for working after hours!
    Liberty Arts brings so much excitement to our little community.