Call for Submissions:
Call for Submissions: “The Living Show”
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What makes something a living work of art?

Liberty Arts extends an open invitation to all artists to submit proposals (in writing or drawings) for upcoming exhibition, The Living Show.

Curator, William Wareham, explains further the concept of this peculiar exhibition:

“ALIVE: Whether in a flower pot, a cage, or a vitrine, this is an opportunity for a proposal that involves the whole space, or part of the gallery. A jungle, or garden, a political statement on ecology, involving trees, bees, or an ant colony. Piece must include living organism.

We encourage a non-traditional viewpoint that risks a different way of thinking. We want to expand what makes it a work of art.”

Deadline for Proposals: March 2, 2012

Show Opens: Friday, April 6, 2012

Click Here for complete Submission Rules & Guidelines >>

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