“FEAR!” Opening Fright Night
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Liberty Arts threw a wicked Opening Night Costume Party that put the “FEAR!” in Yreka on Halloween weekend.

Most of the attendees came in costume, which made for a frightfully fun and freaky ensemble of characters.

Illinois Jones frollicks with his perky Pirate Gal pal.

Bring the beat back! DJ Ujjayi (left) made his return to Liberty Arts, after successfully rocking the “Pop Culture!” opening last May. This time around he was louder, harder and scarier…and the crowd loved it!

Greene of Hearts? Local artist, Kerry Greene, who has two pieces in the “FEAR!” exhibit, exudes royalty.

After a costume contest, where two lucky winners scored free dinner at The Audacity and Cafe, the crowd focused their attention on a special performance by…

…professional dancer, Will Cooper, who recently moved away from Mt. Shasta to dance full-time with Dancing People Company of Ashland, Oregon.

Curator, Brenda Woods, had seen Will dance in the past, and wanted to implement his fun and vibrant energy into the night’s events as a way to add an “extra layer of excitement” to the opening.

Will’s performance ended with him dancing right out the front door, much to the delight of the crowd.

In the video above, Will Cooper describes the concept behind his performance, and how it relates to “FEAR!”

Now it was the crowd’s turn to dance, as DJ Ujjayi fired up the beats and brought guest rapper, MC Xia, up to rock the mic…in Chinese! To view video from this performance and more, Click on over to the Liberty Arts YouTube Channel.

You know it’s a party when the smoke machine kicks in!

Photo by Bee Soulé

(g)Hosts with the most, Consuela Maria Villa Lobos Martinez-Guadalupe and Javier Francisco Don Pablo Martinez-Guadalupe  show off their deadly moves on the dance floor.

Three Blind Mice fumbled and bumped their way around the party looking for wine…and cheese.

“Hey guys, where’d you go?” cried One Blind Mouse, when he realized his compadres wandered next door to…

…continue the party at The Audacity and Café.

Rain from Kanybl Kaow, played some solo acoustic guitar to warm up the crowd, who was busy feasting on…


Kanybl Kaow took the stage for a rockin’ set that had the enthusiastic crowd tearing it up on the dance floor.

Best Male Costume Winner, Edward Scissorhands, offers a picture-perfect way to end our story: We came, we saw, we conquered. Now…we’re ready for bed.

Special Thanks to DJ Ujjayi, Will Cooper and Kanybl Kaow, for making this “FEAR!”-Fest one to remember!

And we thank YOU – Members, Patrons and Friends – for your continued support of Liberty Arts, which makes all of our efforts possible.

Top Featured Image: Brenda Woods & Nikolas Allen (Center) get spooky with the ghoulish girls of Kanybl Kaow.

All photos by Nikolas Allen, Liberty Arts’ Marketing Director, except where otherwise noted.

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