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Call For Submissions: “Stretching The Truth”
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Call For Submissions:

Artist submissions are now being accepted for Liberty Arts’ final exhibition of 2011.

TITLE: Stretching the Truth: Interpreting the World Through Photography

Curated by photographer, Don Hall.

MEDIA:  Open to all media.  HOWEVER, It must be clear that a significant element of a piece has a photographic basis.  Each submission must have a short explanation (75 words max) by the artist of the truth being stretched.

DEADLINE: Friday, November 25, 2011

CURATOR STATEMENT: Photography is the recording of a moment in time.  Sometimes a photo tells a great deal about that moment and other times it can capture an image that is counter to the actual essence of the event being photographed.  Photography can exaggerate the moment.  It can diminish it.  It can turn the moment on its head, shred it, then reconstitute it.  It can place it in a context that subtly or totally changes the moments meaning.  With digital photography, even the core elements of the image can be manipulated to show the recorded moment in a totally different light.

Please CLICK HERE to view complete Submissions Rules & Guidelines.

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