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“Pacific Rim Sculptors Group” Exhibition
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Liberty Arts current exhibition features 2-D and 3-D work by the Pacific Rim Sculptors Group. Runs through Oct. 22, 2011.

The exhibition includes the work of ten artists including: Claudia Chapline, Pam Derham, Eileen Fitz-Faulkner, Lori Goodman, Cynthia Handel, Russell Herrman, Peter Hiers, Maru Hoeber, Debra Koppman and Nikki Schrager.

The two pieces above are by Maru Hoeber, who uses boats to represent the human journey through life.

Recycled rubber sculpture by Peter Hiers

(L to R) Work by Nikki Schrager, Maru Hoeber and Pam Derham

Intricate wire wall-hangings by Pam Derham.

Nikki Schrader utilizes 2-D and 3-D for her architectural work (see two images above)

Sculpture by Claudia Chapline

(L to R) Work by Debra Koppman, Eileen Fitz-Faulkner, Claudia Chapline and Lori Goodman

The unique vision of Lori Goodman

Pipe and wire sculpture by Eileen Fitz-Faulkner

Cynthia Handel says her work (both images above) represents “vessels, things that nurture and contain”

Debra Koppman wanted her pieces hung away from the wall to maximize the play of shadows from the lighting

Lori Goodman creates sculptural objects from found objects, such as rhinoceros dung (above left), and paper that she makes herself (see images below)

This piece by Lori Goodman was inspired by the book-heavy shelves of a library, which is apparent in its title, “Arranged According to Subject Matter.”

Click here to visit the Pacific Rim Sculptors Group website >>

The Pacific Rim Sculptors Group exhibition runs through Saturday, October 22, 2011.

Gallery Hours: Wednesday – Saturday, 10am – 5pm

Liberty Arts
108 W. Miner Street
Yreka, California 96097

Photography by Nikolas Allen, Liberty Arts Marketing Director

6 Responses

  1. Lori Goodman says:

    What a beautiful web site and representation of the show. Thank you and thank you for the kind words. It’s been a pleasure.


    • admin says:

      Lori – We’re glad you’ve enjoyed your experience with Liberty Arts. Your work really “Wowed” a lot of visitors, so thank you again for your participation!

  2. Brenda Woods says:

    I really loved the paper work by Lori Goodman. The rhythm and fragility of the pieces was very soothing to me.

    • admin says:

      Brenda – You’re not the only one! Lori’s work has been receiving quite a response from our visitors. She has a truly unique vision that people are really responding to. Thanks for your comment.

  3. What a great website. I loved the pictures of the current exhibition that I am proud to be in. I am sorry I was not able to attend the reception. Please correct my name on my sculptures. The last name was spelled Chapman.

    Thank you for all your work on this exhibition.

    Claudia Chapline

    • admin says:

      Claudia – Thank you for your kind words, we’re glad you enjoy the website. We are also sorry you could not make the opening. And, please accept my apologies for misspelling your last name on the site – I have made the corrections. We thank you for being part of this wonderful exhibition.