Pacific Rim Opening Night
Pacific Rim Opening Night
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Liberty Arts Gallery welcomes Pacific Rim Sculptors Group up from the Bay Area with a rousing opening reception.

Featured Photo Top: Candace Miller observes the work of Lori Goodman
Above: William Wareham introduces members of the Pacific Rim Sculptors Group

Renowned sculptor, William Wareham (L), invited the Pacific Rim Sculptors Group up to exhibit in Yreka. Five of the nine sculptors featured in the show made it up for the opening, where they each said a few words about their work. They are (L to R) Debra Koppman, Eileen Fitz-Faulkner, Maru Hoeber, Lori Goodman and Cynthia Handel.

The artists discuss their work. While making video camera adjustments, I missed Fitz-Faulkner’s short speech (see below), which is why she is absent from the video.

Eileen Fitz-Faulkner said her piece, ‘Burden,’ is “representative of the weight of womanhood.”

Debra Koppman uses recycled materials to experiment with work that gives the illusion of scale, yet remains portable.

After the Artist Discussions, the Liberty Arts crowd proceeds to engage in many conversations of their own…

…some of them, quite animated.

(L to R) Proud husband, Tom Hoeber (wife, Maru, has work in the show), chats with co-curators Lewis Meyers, Jr.and William Wareham.

The inimitable David Gochenour drops by to say…”Howdy.”

(L to R) Three unique artists in their own right, Lauri Sturdivant, Nickki Lee Hill and Jill Gardner cut loose.

Another successful opening at Liberty Arts Gallery.

As the sun started its descent, the crowd meandered up Miner Street to enjoy the ever-expanding Yreka Art Walk, where several mini-openings took place concurrently at various nearby venues.

The spacious, vacant Black’s Building hosted several local artists and offered a wonderful spread arranged by Celia Balderree (in red top).

These young art fans were proud to show off their brand new Liberty Arts t-shirts. Way to represent, fellas!

Lenita Higgs of The Audacity and Café invites the hungry crowds in for food and music.

The Bar Chords treated the masses to a loosey-goosey set of classic rock cover songs.

The visiting sculptors gather ’round a table with Liberty Arts’ Creative Director, Kim Presley (R), to break bread, sip wine and celebrate a wonderful opening reception.

Lenita Higgs (Center) serves the artists, while the Bar Chords pluck n’ strum away in the background.

With wine flowing freely and familiar tunes filling the air, it was only a matter of time before the dance floor got some action. At one point, a short-lived conga line broke out, only to dissipate upon realizing it was too crowded to go anywhere.

Dancin’ the night away at The Audacity and Café

This crowd was feelin’ the love, and they gave it back with a round of Audacious applause for the band.

Another satisfying dose of creative culture was shared in Yreka, among friends both old and new, as people came together in celebration on art, fun and community on this beautiful September summer evening.

Liberty Arts extends a heartfelt Thank You to all of our Members and Patrons and Volunteers, and to everyone involved in putting together the Yreka Art Walk, which has added a wonderful, additional element of art, activity and culture to our little town this summer.

Liberty Arts’ next Opening Reception will be on Friday, October 28 for “FEAR!” We hope to see you all then!

Photography, text and videos by Nikolas Allen, Marketing Director – Liberty Arts

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  1. This looks like such a great show, in a great gallery! I’m so sorry I missed it! Congratulations to all.

    • admin says:

      Pamela – Thank you for the kind words. We’re sorry you missed it, too, and we hope you can visit us at another time. We appreciate your comment!

  2. Brenda Woods says:

    Another great capture of our fun art evenings in Yreka. Thanks Pacific Rim Artists for joining us.

    • admin says:

      Brenda – Yes, it was another fun and eventful evening! We’re glad you were there to experience it, and it was great fun hosting our new friends from the Bay Area. In fact, they are trying to coordinate another visit before the exhibition ends. Thanks for the comment!