Gazpacho Opening Night
Gazpacho Opening Night
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Liberty Arts served up a Spicy Summer Delight with “Gazpacho,” our Annual Members’ Show on Friday, August 5, 2011.

The eclectic “Gazpacho” exhibit contains a zesty fusion of styles, sizes and media from 50 artists throughout Siskiyou County. In the window display, Sharon Swingle’s ceramic sculpture, “War Horse,” was the topic of conversation among these guests.

The opening took place on a hot, summery Yreka eventing, and visitors were relieved to enter the cool, air-conditioned gallery.

The fact that Liberty Arts’ Creative Director, Kim Presley, was serving up ice-cold Sangria didn’t hurt either!

Liberty Arts’ own Bee Soulé (in floral skirt) kept the refreshments flowing and the hors d’oeuvres stocked.

While many guests have said they find it difficult to actually view the art during the crowded openings, this couple took advantage of their small window of opportunity to peruse the work.

The guests enjoyed themselves while conversing with friends both familiar and new.

Artist, Marlis Jermutus (l), gets cozy with Creative Director, Kim Presley (r), in front of “The Protectress of Little Shasta Meadow,” by Ron Richards.

While the guests made merry inside the gallery, there was plenty going on outside as well…

…and the reception spilled onto the patio, where the wisteria-laden arbor offered cool refuge from the summer heat.

Yreka High School student, Lizzy Roy (in green dress), organized a Children’s Art Auction to coincide with the “Gazpacho” opening. This enterprising young lady approached us last spring with the idea to raise money for Liberty Arts’ Education Program, Explorations.

Lizzy worked with Kim Presley to pull her idea together and did a great job engaging the audience and selling art works by local grade-school students. A big Thank You to Lizzy and all those who supported her idea!

In addition to the Liberty Arts opening, the Yreka Art Walk was also happening on Friday, August 5th. Nine other venues up and down Miner Street displayed work by local artists and stayed open late to greet visitors, mingle and add to the enrichment our community.

As usual, after the Liberty Arts opening, everybody ended up at The Audacity and Café where they were serving a special late-night menu. The wine and beer flowed freely and the crowd was treated to an inspired set of old-time, country-blues by the Bar Chords. The band’s dueling guitars, sweet harmonies, jangly mandolin, weeping pedal-steel slide, and stand-up bass bobbed and weaved around each other within a loosey-goosey song structure, while the players called out audible cues and passed solos around like a bottle of whiskey at a campfire.

On lead vocals and guitar is Mike Slizewski, whose day job is Editor at Siskiyou Daily News. Mike has been such an amazing supporter of Liberty Arts since day one, always attending our openings, covering our events and accepting our press releases. It was great to see Mike take off his reporter’s hat, pick up his guitar and step into the spotlight for a rollicking night of musical entertainment. Well done, Mike, and Thank You for your continued support!

Lenita Higgs, Owner of The Audacity and Café comes alive under pressure. She and her staff were non-stop blurs of activity as they attended to a full house of hungry, thirsty art lovers who were ready for Lenita’s gourmet café fare and her inimitable hospitality.

A couple days after the “Gazpacho” Opening and Yreka Art Walk, Lenita said that this was the Audacity’s biggest night since their Grand Opening earlier in the summer. A Big Thanks to all who made Yreka their Friday Night Destination on August 5th. Your support of the Arts and local Small Business allows us to continue offering the community enrichment that we strive for.

All photos by Liberty Arts’ Marketing Director, Nikolas Allen.

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  1. Kim Presley says:

    Bravo Nikolas for catching the hum of the Opening/Art Walk/Later night diversions that lit up Miner Street. Celia and friends are working with creative enthusiasm to keep the fun coming. September 16th will be the next party. Watch for postcards/emails/posters for the next opening of the Pacific Rim Sculptors Group (from the Bay Area) and an ART WALK to keep the evening flowing into good food and entertainment!

    • admin says:

      Thanks for the kudos, Kim! The creative events have certainly been building in Yreka this summer, and we look forward to all the fun slated for September.

  2. Brenda Woods says:

    Truly a fun night :} Liberty’s show had a new look this time around and it was great to take in the diversity. I really am loving Yreka’s Art Walk. I was happy to experience a large body of work by Rajiv Hotek.

    • admin says:

      Brenda, so glad you enjoyed the opening. We agree, the Yreka Art Walk is a great addition to a great evening of culture. Isn’t Rajiv’s work fabulous? We are honored to have showcased his work in many of our exhibits (including “Gazpacho”), and it was indeed impressive to see his large collection on display at the Healing Arts Center on Miner street. Thanks for your comments!

      • Connie and Brian says:

        There was also some really beautiful wooden art objects, by Charles Gillingham and paintings by Robbie Mossgrabber up the street in the old Black’s building. I love Liberty Arts for enriching our community. A wonderful evening!

        • admin says:

          Yes, it was great to see so much art up and down Miner Street. Glad you were able to make it, and so happy to hear you enjoyed yourself. Liberty Arts loves you, too!

        • Brenda Woods says:

          Connie and Brian,

          I love how this summer all the puzzle pieces are coming together. Great hoppin’ shows at Liberty, the Art Walk which activates the street and of course Audacity’s food, drink and music. It all makes for a really deluxe evening.