Explorations - Border Crossing
Explorations – Border Crossing
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For each exhibition at Liberty Arts, we concoct a correlating art project for the students who attend our weekly Explorations art education program.

During the Border Crossing – Contemporary Oregon Artists exhibit, there was an intriguing piece by Cody Bustamante (above) which captured the attention of many. Bustamante’s charcoal and resin on wood showcased an impressive, detailed etching technique, which we thought would be fun for the students to attempt, while putting their own spin on the concept.

We set them loose with tools, black etching paper and printouts of various ethnic and tribal icons for inspiration, and they were off to the races!

It’s amazing how kids just grab the tools and jump right in, while adult artists often stare, tortured, at a blank canvas for weeks before inspiration strikes.

It’s great to see the teachers (middle) getting in on the fun, too!

The little heart details in the corners of her piece add a nice little touch.

At the end of the class, we celebrate the results and marvel at all the unique interpretations of the assignment. Well done, students, your creativity is always inspiring!

Student Photos by Kim Presley
Bustamante Art Photo by Nikolas Allen

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