'Black & White' Opening Night
‘Black & White’ Opening Night
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Revelers celebrate mastery of value at Liberty Arts’ “Black & White” opening reception on Friday, June 24, 2011.

[Featured Image Above: Jane Hall displays her party hat in front of a piece by William Wareham.]

Black and White, the latest exhibition at Liberty Arts Gallery opened with a sprightly celebration on a beautiful June evening in Yreka, California. The mood was light and the vibes were good, as a multi-generational crowd mixed and mingled in the sunlit gallery.

Curator and Artist, Eloise Larson (above), was responsible for devising the vision of the show, and she fleshed a cohesive exhibition out of an amorphous concept. Her vision focused on the “mastery of value,” which was clearly exemplified in the three pieces on display from her own “Making A Hole In Emptiness” series.

Liberty Arts’ own Bee Soulé (left) breaks out the caviar while Jane Hall (right) admires, then eats, her handiwork. It was fun to see the Black and White concept carry over into the food, as well as the dress code for many of the guests…

…including Artist, Brenda Woods, and Liberty Arts’ Marketing Director, Nikolas Allen, who donned color-appropriate ensembles. (Photo by Kim Presley)

Artist, Jon Rife, puts on his happy face for the camera, while visiting with Jacqueline Jensen. Jon had an abstract piece in the Black and White show, plus a couple pieces hanging next door at The Audacity and Café, as well as a mini solo exhibit on display up the street as part of the Y-Town Art Walk, which was going on concurrently with our opening. Way to go, Jon!

Photographers, Michael Le Guellec and Nickki Lee Hill share what appears, from afar, to be a ‘Pippi Longstocking moment.’

Artist, Brenda Woods, gets deep into conversation with guest, Stephanie

…while Corinna Soulé and her partner share a lighter moment.

Mini Artist, Harper O’Brien, stands in front of his creative contribution, which is awesomely titled, “A Dot.” Harper’s inclusion in the Black and White exhibition is a testament to Liberty Arts’ commitment to providing opportunity for artists throughout our community (and beyond) regardless of age…or height!

On the patio, Jane Hall’s party hat attracted quite a crowd of admirers.

So many conversations, so little time. Liberty Arts recently condensed our opening receptions from 3-hour  (5-8pm) to 2-hour (5-7pm) affairs, in order to share the evening with our neighbors at The Audacity and Café, who serve a special dinner menu and live music on opening nights.

After winding things up at the gallery, the art crowd headed over to The Audacity and Café for some wine, food, music and the unparalleled hospitality of Lenita Higgs (with wine bottle), and her staff.

Guests, Stephanie and Suellen, heard about the Black and White opening via the postcards placed at the café. They attended both the exhibit and the post-show festivities, prompting Suellen (right) to claim that she was, “so happy to find this kind of culture happening in Yreka.”

Music was performed Ed and Holly, who make up acoustic duo, Prairyfire. They were joined by Stephen Brown (right), who added percussion to the jam session.

Stephen Brown, aka DJ Ujjayi, turned The Audacity into a dance club when he cranked up the big beats. His partner, Melissa Ann, grooved along on the sidelines and shot him looks that could only be described as, “smoldering.” Can you feel the heat?

Liberty Arts’ Creative Director, Kim Presley (left), celebrates with Lenita, Michael and Shelly of The Audacity and Café after another successful collaboration – providing a culturally expansive night of fine art, music and food to the community of Yreka.

All Photography by Nikolas Allen, except where otherwise noted.

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  1. Brenda Woods says:

    It was a wonderful night. Thanks Eloise for curating a fun & different show. Can’t wait for the next opening!

    • admin says:

      We’re glad you enjoyed the “Black & White” opening, Brenda! You don’t have to wait long – we’re opening “Gazpacho,” our Annual Members’ Show this Friday, August 5th, from 5-7pm!

      Rumor has it, you’re working on a new piece for the show? We look forward to seeing it!

  2. Sue Rothwell says:

    I miss you all as I am living away from Yreka right now and this site has been a joy to see how happy you all are with art in Yreka.

    • admin says:

      Sue – Thanks for the comment. So glad to hear you enjoy visiting the site! We will continue to keep it updated with all the art news and events from our neck of the woods, so stop back monthly. Best ~ Liberty Arts

  3. Connie and Brian says:

    Will be home next week…have missed you all.
    Love C&b
    PS But we had a lot of fun on the road trip!!!

    • admin says:

      Connie – We missed you and Brian at the opening! Glad to hear you’re having fun on the road! Hope to see you soon.