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Please join Liberty Arts as we celebrate the opening of Black & White – an exhibition demonstrating mastery of value.
Opening Reception:
Friday, June 24, 2011


Artist Discussions at 6pm

Late Dinner Menu served next door at The Audacity and Café
Liberty Arts is excited to welcome local artist Eloise Larson as curator for Black & White. Eloise brings a fully developed vision for a show that she hopes will explore the use of value and “making marks.” She explains further:

“All art is the result of making marks whether with a pencil, computer, camera (seeing, capturing and printing marks), paint, clay, etc. The pieces in this show will mainly focus on the manipulation of the element of design and value in the marks that the artist uses to create an image.” ~Eloise Larson

Full details about the exhibition are in the works, as we are still accepting entries. Deadline for Submission is Monday, June 13, 2011.

Interested artists can visit Entries Page for complete Submission Rules and Guidelines.

We hope to see you on Opening Night!

Image: Detail, “Make a Hole In Emptiness…11” ©2002 Eloise Larson. All Rights Reserved.

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