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Explorations – “Pop Culture!”
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Young students got the ‘Warhol Treatment’ at Liberty Arts’ Explorations program during the ‘Pop Culture!’ exhibit.

For the Explorations art education classes held during the “Pop Culture!” exhibition, students created bold self-portraits in the kooky, color-blocked style that Andy Warhol favored while in his Celebrity Portraiture phase.

Teachers brought in group photos of the whole class, which were scanned, then manipulated to create individual, high-contrast, black and white images of each student.

Once the pictures were printed out, the hot griddles were fired up, and each student got to “paint” on their own image with melted crayons.

Some of the students kept their creations clean and conservative, while others ventured way out into color-crazy, abstract surrealist territory. It’s always fascinating to see how the young, creative mind works, and this Explorations art project proved no exception. In the end, all the works of art turned out just as unique as the individuals who created them.

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