“Border Crossing” Opening Night
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Opening reception for “Border Crossing” featured Contemporary Oregon Artists discussing their creative process. Read on to see video and photos.

VIDEO: Oregon artists, John Sollinger, Jerry Simon and Phyllis Trowbridge discuss their works of art during “Border Crossing” opening reception at Liberty Arts Gallery in Yreka on Friday, May 20, 2011.

Getting the festivities underway at the Opening Reception

The latest exhibition at Liberty Arts, “Border Crossing,” features the works of six Contemporary Oregon Artists: Jerry Simon, John Sollinger, Phyllis Trowbridge, David Lorenz Winston, Cody Bustamante and Byron Dudley. Four of the artists joined us in Yreka for the opening reception and shared their ideas, inspirations and artistic process with the audience.

The mood was relaxed and amiable as artists and patrons mingled, sipped wine and enjoyed the various styles of art on display.

Mosaic artist, John Sollinger, engages a visitor

Artist and Curator, William Wareham, rolls in ready for action

The exhibition was curated by William Wareham (above) and Lewis Meyers (below) who both felt that reaching across our northern California border to our neighbors in Oregon would help to inspire a continual dialogue between our communities, as well as inform us of our common art influences.

Curator Lewis Meyers checks time, decides to commence Artist Discussions

First up, mosaic artist, John Sollinger, discusses his process

Mosaic artist, John Sollinger, approaches his hyper-meticulous work with the precision of a scientist. He had the crowd laughing as he told stories about the many mishaps that can occur with a nearly-finished-but-not-yet-glued canvas containing thousands of tiny shards of colored glass.

Artist Jerry Simon talks about his puzzle-shaped mixed media pieces

Mixed media artist, Jerry Simon (far right), creates wall reliefs in unusual shapes. It was fascinating to hear him explain how square and rectangle artworks act as a window, but a shaped canvas pulls the work off the wall bringing the focus closer, rather than looking “through” a window. [To see the work that Jerry discusses in the video above, view “Border Crossing” Exhibition post.]

Phyllis Trowbridge discusses her plein air technique

Landscape artist, Phyllis Trowbridge, shared some of the challenges she faces creating plein air pieces in the damp wilderness after a wet Oregon spring.

Photographer David Lorenz Winston (inset) addresses the crowd

Photographer, David Lorenz Winston, has mastered the most difficult part of getting a great photograph – not asking people’s permission to shoot them, thereby capturing real moments rather than self-conscious poses.

Liberty Arts Creative Director, Kim Presley, enjoys the show with her husband, Ron

Liberty Arts Creative Director, Kim Presley, was pleasantly surprised by her husband Ron’s appearance, as he’s usually absent at the openings.

Liberty Arts Marketing Director, Nikolas Allen, gets cozy with artist, Brenda Woods, near their favorite piece by Jerry Simon. Photo by Kim Presley.

After curating last months “Pop Culture!” exhibition, Liberty Arts Marketing Director, Nikolas Allen, and partner in crime, Brenda Woods, were happy to have a low-key evening as guests this time around.

After the reception, guests step next door for dinner and live music at The Audacity and Cafe

Liberty Arts has recently formed an alliance with our neighbors at The Audacity and Cafe. Usually, The Audacity and Cafe closes at 4pm, but on nights when a new exhibition opens at Liberty Arts, they stay open and serve a special, late dinner menu and feature wine, beer and live music.

This great partnership creates a Friday night destination in Yreka and allows our audience to enjoy a social night of culture, music, great food and drink. On this night, acoustic rock classics were performed by singing duo, Thunder & The Shade.

Shelly, Elise and Lenita host the post-reception crowd next door at The Audacity and Cafe

The Audacious Ladies (L to R) Shelly, Elise and Lenita exude fun, friendly personalities while offering fabulous delicacies and top-notch customer service. They also have an endearing habit of walking customers to the door as they depart for the evening, which adds a unique, personal touch that brings people back for more.

Liberty Arts extends a big Thank You to all our members, patrons and friends who attended the Border Crossing opening. We look forward to seeing you all again soon.

Video and photographs by Nikolas Allen, except where otherwise noted.

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  1. Brenda Woods says:

    What a fun mello evening of art and eats. Thanks Lewis, Bill and Kim for crossing the border and bringing us works from Oregon. And thanks to the crew at the Audacity for a great dinner.

    • admin says:

      You are welcome, Brenda. Always good to see you at the openings. BTW, we hope to see some of your great graphite work in the upcoming “Black & White” exhibition!