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“Pop Culture!” Exhibition
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“Pop Culture!” – This group show features art and installations that both celebrate and skewer American Popular Culture.

“Pop Culture!” Curators Nikolas Allen and Brenda Woods

“Pop Culture!” April 1 – May 14, 2011 – With this show, curators Nikolas Allen and Brenda Woods aimed to bring a bold, colorful, exciting and irreverent show to Siskiyou County that spoke to the cultural phenomena of our current day, as well as popular icons from years gone by. They also wanted to pay homage to the Pop Art movement of the 60’s, which introduced the ground-breaking idea that everyday objects could be considered art.

“Toxic Tellys” Window Display by Brenda Woods

“BANG! BANG!” Window Display by Nikolas Allen

The “Pop Culture!” show was set to open on Friday, April 1st. That morning I got a call from Kim Presley, Creative Director of Liberty Arts, saying the “BANG! BANG!” window display had been shot out during the night, and we had to board up the windows before the show. Considering that Siskiyou County is chock full of rednecks and cowboys, well, let’s just say I fell for it…April Fools! ~ Nikolas

The “Pop Culture!” Soup Can became the official promotional image of the show.

“Pop Culture!” Exhibition

“Helena Bonham Carter,” a collaborative effort by four COS students

Four art students from College of the Siskiyous, Karril Dorris, Issac Inselman, Isabelle Moore, Lenden Reynolds, collaborated on this large collage under the tutelage of art instructor, Dennis Weathers. Liberty Arts always loves to see students submitting works to the gallery – especially when it’s this good.

“Banana Split” DigiPopFuzzBox™ by Nikolas Allen

Detail “Pink Double” by Justin Simcik

“Sex Cells” Installation by Miss Media

“Signs of the Times” by Brenda Woods

“Konsumer Kulture” by Nikolas Allen

The Hall of Fame

We designated the back hallway as The Hall of Fame, since it included such celebrities as Hannah Montana, Captain America, Prince, Lady Gaga, Agent Skully, Will Ferrel’s ‘Ron Burgundy’ from Anchorman, and more.

Detail “Prince” by Minneapolis Artist, Erin Sayer

“Frank” from the Rocky Horror Picture Show by Corinna Soulé

“Adorable” Installation by Kim Presley

Quote by Andy Warhol

Speaking to artists and visitors over the course of this exhibition, we’re finding that many people have a hard time articulating what Pop Culture is. This show has given people a better understanding of what it is, how it plays into their lives, and allows them to put a name to the myriad phenomena our collective society has exalted over the years.

All art copyright by the individual artists.
No art may be reproduced without written consent from the artist.
All photography ©2011 Nikolas Allen.

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