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Tactile Vision
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A Visually-Restrictive Exhibit Curated by David Gochenour

Exhibition Dates: August 13 – September 18, 2010

The idea for this show came to me over ten years ago at an art opening in East Hampton, NY, when I saw a guest apparently caressing my sculpture.

Upon further investigation, I discovered the gentleman was blind, and was joyfully experiencing my work through the sense of touch.

For a sculptor, the idea that a blind man could see and enjoy my work was inspiring and, I felt, the highest compliment.

With this in mind, I set out to create an exhibit which would be visually restricted and with the assistance of Liberty Arts, Tactile Vision has become a reality.

I hope that you welcome this opportunity to experience Art in a different way…for now, you are encouraged to touch the work.

~ David Gochenour,

A young visitor gets in touch with a sculpture by David Gochenour

The visually-restrictive “Tactile Vision” installation

Visitors finally got to see the art during the Big Reveal Closing Reception

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  1. Beth Elyse says:

    “Tactile Vision” ….. opens up a whole new world …… no limit to the depths of connection.