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Fibers to Form
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Exhibition Dates: May 21 – June 26, 2010

Curated by Tatiana Diakoff and Robin O’Brien

This exhibit explores contemporary uses of traditional textile materials customarily used for both functional and aesthetic purpose. Domesticity, a common thread running throughout the exhibit, encompasses the most basic functions: eating, clothing, and sleeping. This exhibit draws from the fundamental domestic activity of working with fibers and how deeply it as an artistic medium reconnects us to our roots and traditions. While at the same time, in this modern age, fiber and fabrics exist in seemingly useless surplus, being utilized by artists as a sort of “junk” medium to re-render new and unconventional functions and displays.

The artists in this exhibit demonstrate old and new ways of working with thread, hair, cloth or anything that resembles or is constructed from a fiber. Fiber is a word that describes the smaller elements that make up the whole. We are interested in fiber as an essential character, quality, or strength that structures something larger than itself. The creative forms exhibited here are diverse, emphasizing the use of fiber and fabric as metaphor for human relationship, wearable art, and the use of traditional materials in unconventional ways.

“Interconnectedness” by Amerinda Alpern

“Table Scape” by Lauri Sturdivant

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