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Female Creature
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Exploring and Revealing the Full-Spectrum Woman

Exhibition Dates: January 7 – February 12, 2010

Curated by Brenda Woods and Eileen Pollock, with Jill Gardner

The work in this provocative group exhibit spoke to both the light and shadow aspects of Woman, and tackled themes and issues that people often prefer to avoid.

Curators, Woods and Pollock, wanted this show to address important questions that have faced womankind throughout time: Who are we as women? What myriad attributes make up an authentic woman? What has been lost, defiled and perverted by thousands of years of male-dominated societies? How much has really changed over time?

“In parts of the world where freedom can blossom, the strength of female autonomy is building, however, women still must find their way in a world which aims to both idealize and defile them.” ~Brenda Woods

The curators made it clear from the beginning that they were looking for art that represented all facets of the female creature, and not just the obvious.

“Thankfully, many artists were able to think outside the box and we ended up with an exhibit that really pushed the edge.” ~Eileen Pollock

Jacqueline Jensen perfomed a bold, edgy, intense Butoh dance piece at the opening, which was unlike anything ever witnessed in Yreka.

Visit Liberty Arts’ YouTube Channel to view videos from the Female Creature opening.

“Female Creature” Curators, Eileen Pollock and Brenda Woods

Crowd watches intense Butoh performance by Jacqueline Jensen

“Female Creature” installation view

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