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Traditions Through Time
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Traditional and contemporary artworks by Native American artists along the California and Oregon borders

Exhibition Dates: August 14- September 19, 2009

Traditions Through Time, conceived and curated by Mary Carpelan, with Ralph Starritt, promises to house an exciting selection of works from our Northern Californian and Southern Oregonian Native American cultures. You may find traditional themes from a rich cultural heritage executed in contemporary materials, such as Ralph Starritt’s breathtaking feather. Jeff Oscar’s renditions of long-venerated spiritual symbols are represented in a new, personal way; and Mary Carpelan’s vision of “Achtokaho Axaki” transforms tribal basket-weaving into a dynamic sculpture.

Workshops and demonstrations are planned to take place during the second half of the exhibition.

Front: “Karuk Ceremonial Doll” by Minerva Starritt
Back: “Achtokaho Axaki” by Mary Carpelan

“Hand Drums” by Ralph Starritt

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  1. Brenda Woods says:

    I remember this show well. It was a beautiful presentation.

    • admin says:

      Brenda, We’re glad you found the show memorable, we appreciate your continued presence and support of our exhibitions.