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Speak and Be Heard
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Voice in the State of Jefferson

Exhibition Dates: March 11 – April 4, 2009

What does language look like? What does voice convey? These ideas and many others will be explored in an interactive installation of words at Liberty Arts Gallery in Yreka. Speak and be Heard: Voice in the State of Jefferson will feature a variety of media including poetry, visual arts related to words, broadsides, artists books, chap books, and more. In addition, the show is an interactive installation; all who enter the space are invited to participate in a number of fun and wordy exhibits, such as ‘dictionary diving’ and ‘post-it commentary’.

Curators Nickki Lee Hill and Jill Gardner hope to inspire a dialogue of discovery while playing with the possibilities of language as art.

Language is the vehicle, communication is the destination; so shout, sing, whisper, make your mark, convey your idea…listen, look, and learn.

Spoken word performance by Nikolas Allen

Foreground: Story Strings word game
Background: “Chair” Sculpture by Lani Phillips

2 Responses

  1. Brenda Woods says:

    Leave it to Nickki and Jill to create a show and interactive experience so totally out of the box. Very memorable!!!

    • admin says:

      Brenda, We agree, the “Speak and Be Heard” concept was unique and the audience really enjoyed the interactive elements of the exhibition. Thanks for your comment!