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Masks and Disguises
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Exhibition Dates: Oct 30- Nov 28, 2009

Through this upcoming exhibition called Masks and Disguises, curator Monica Zinda examines the concept of disguise and transformation in our culture. In researching this themed exhibit she states, “I became much more aware of the continual alterations going on all around me. Nothing on this planet is static, not even in death. What also struck deeply was the universality of our world’s need for disguise.” Ways of altering physical appearance have manifested all around us. Whether voluntary or not, we earthly creatures often seek to change our identities. To conceal, protect or dominate. For ritual or play.

The uniforms of war and the cocktail dresses of high society, whether utilitarian or highly embellished, both exhibit a need to protect, disguise and intimidate.

The masks and disguises of ritual and play come in more forms then we can describe.

Changing appearance is the mainstay of theatre productions, borrowing themes and identities from all peoples of the world. The universal instinct to alter and conceal is clearly shown in the costumes and artwork on display. Throughout this exhibit, we try to explore and reveal the masks we wear.

Monica Zinda

Crystal Swan

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  1. Brenda Woods says:

    That was a complex show to pull off. Artists had a challenging time wrapping their heads around the idea.