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Junk Art and the Litter Butt Project
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Art made from 100% recycled and resused materials

Exhibition Dates: February 11- March 7, 2009

“Art for Social Change is about artists saving the world through reuse, thinking outside of the box and making people think by having to look at work to see it’s not what we think it is…It’s Junk…but it’s junk art…Art by another name!
~ Lauri Sturdivant, Artist and Curator

The intriguing thing about junk art is the unexpected and extraordinary use of common materials. When you view this work, you will be compelled to look closer and will discover bits and pieces of familiar items transformed from one application to another. What was once a hatchet is now a pedal on a motorcycle, a rusty old milk can lid is a hat, a clothes hanger becomes a bird and a tin can is made into a flower.

“The Litter Butt Project” by Lauri Sturdivant

“Peanuts” by William Wareham

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  1. Brenda Woods says:

    Wow, great concept. Good one to repeat maybe.