Explorations: “Honor The Earth” Exhibit
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Students get to learn, examine and create during Explorations, a weekly art education program at Liberty Arts.

Art Educator, Bee Soulé, addresses the group while Lizzie Crist, sign language aide, signs for the class

Liberty Arts hosted over 100 students during the “Honor The Earth/Multicultural Journeys” exhibition as part of the Explorations art education program. After learning about the travels and art of Betty LaDuke, students enjoyed the artworks in independent investigation, noting use of color, line, symmetry and texture as well as the content of the culture represented.

As a hands-on project, classes used sketching techniques to capture the image of their costumed teacher, Nicky Talley (below). Students then explored the use of rhythmic line, color halos, and texture – as seen in the work of Ms. LaDuke – with colored markers.

The Explorations program recently received a generous $500 grant from the Yreka Rotary Club, allowing the gallery to continue bringing this opportunity to local school children free of charge. Other generous sponsors of the program include Pacific Power Foundation, Kiwanis Club of Yreka, Jackson Street School PTO, Gold Street School PTO and Dom and Joan Favero.

We extend a big Thank You to our sponsors from the staff at Liberty Arts and from all the budding artists who continue to enjoy their creative, educational and FUN visits to the gallery!

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