'Pop Culture!' Opening Rocks Yreka
‘Pop Culture!’ Opening Rocks Yreka
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"Pop Culture!" Opening Shakes, Rattles and Rolls

A packed house got an eyeful of bold, iconic, irreverent art and installations at the “Pop Culture!” Opening Party on Friday, April 1, 2011.

View the above video for a brief glimpse of the Opening Night action. For the photographic version, complete with commentary, read on…

The lively crowd bounced and danced non-stop to the funky-disco-pop beats of DJ Ujjayi (Mt. Shasta-based Stephen Brown). The only break in the music came during the Pop Culture Trivia Contest, where audience members answered questions and competed for Limited-Edition “Pop Culture!” Commemorative Soup Cans, Pez Candy, and Bubble Yum!

One Pop Culture classic movie will screen per week on the gallery DVD player. The movies are picked and provided by James Cannon, owner of Couch Critics in Mt. Shasta, and will span the decades, starting in the 60’s. First up, “Easy Rider” from 1969.

Two essential elements of a great opening: Laughter and vino.

Several audience members dressed the part. In addition to Supergirl and Betty Boop, we also spotted a vintage Coke tee, a KISS tee, a Batman beltbuckle and an awesome Roy Lichtenstein tattoo.

For those who like a little Pop Tart with their Pop Art.

Liberty Arts Creative Director, Kim Presley, picks up some tips from DJ Ujjayi.

Audience members pull up a seat underneath “Konsumer Kulture” by Nikolas Allen.

The full-capacity crowd spills out on to the side patio to enjoy some of the first nice weather of the season.

“Pop Culture!” Curator, Nikolas Allen joins the party on the patio.

Stylish trio, Janelle, Heidi and Sena catch a breather on the patio.

Katie and Jonas were traveling south from a vacation in Portland to their home base in Long Beach. They happened to stop off in Yreka along the way and stumbled upon the “Pop Culture!” Opening Party. I asked what drew them in to the gallery, and Jonas replied, “All the color!”

A pink-headed Brenda Woods mingles with the the last of the guests as the big night winds down at Liberty Arts.

Curators and artists, Brenda Woods (L) and Nikolas Allen (R) flank DJ Ujjayi to celebrate a job well done, before heading next door to the Audacity Cafe, where they were treated to a standing ovation by the whole restaurant, who had all migrated over from the opening party for a late dinner.

A Huge Thank You to all the artists, members and guests for making the “Pop Culture!” Opening Party a successful and fun night to remember.

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  1. Brenda Woods says:

    Wow, Thanks Liberty for creating such an amazing record of what an awesome opening night “Pop Culture” was. It was a truly memorable evening.

    • admin says:

      Brenda, you are welcome! Thank you for being a curator, and contributing your unique vision to this show. We agree, the “Pop Culture!” opening party was one to remember!