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Liberty Arts’ art education program, Explorations, offers students, K-12, a 90-minute visit to our gallery.

The student’s gallery visit includes a docent tour and hands-on art project related to the theme or processes of our current show. Students enjoy learning through anecdotes of the creative process, production techniques and introductory art terms to support later discussion.

Liberty Arts’ Education Explorations program was exceptionally rewarding during the 2014 academic semester,  welcoming Delphic, Big Springs and Evergreen schools into our, ever-expanding, district outreach; whilst continuing our close relationship with long-time attendees from Jackson St., Mattole Valley and Grenada.

From the minimalist abstract paintings and intricately decorated sculptures of Dialogues II, to the sheer abundance of texture and color-rich local art found in our annual members’ show, Liberty Chowder, students have become familiar with art vocabulary, styles, genre and technique – through a successful method of explanation, exploration, and execution (a hands-on art project).

Most recently, having mastered the very new (to them) tricky technique of embossing, seen in a members’ show piece, the ever-eager young artists were thrilled to follow a new theme found in the April/May exhibit Numinosity. Inspired by the copper, space-filled figures of Bay Area sculptor Tor Archer, students created their own, empty, sculptural pieces by winding wire of different gauges around a form of waxed-paper. But how, then, to remove that inner form?  FIRE! Yes… Under careful supervision, students were able to witness the “mold” disappear in flame, and their human-figure sculptures take final shape. A quick squirt of metallic paint, a wee pedestal of ceramic clay, and they triumphantly bore their impressive pieces away.

Luigi & Marlis

Bee & NinaLiberty Arts educational specialists, B. Nina Holzer and Bee Soule’ discuss the current work with the students.

Bee & KidsBee demonstrates painting with breath before the students begin their creations

Dialogues II


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Recent Exploration project from the Dialogues II exhibition encouraged students to create compositions through subtractive ripping of paper, then adding colorful melted wax.

ee dia art ee dia art2



wpnuminosityfire2The Numinosity exhibit provided an art project they will not soon forget!


Each session includes independent time in the gallery, before meeting as a group to assess the show. The second half of the session is devoted to guiding students through an art project related to the exhibition theme or processes. Projects this past school year have included pen and ink drawing, watercolor painting, “homage” to Hundertwasser, and experimentation in the Exquisite Corpse process. Curriculum is developed specifically for each show, following the guidelines set through the California State Content Standards for Visual Arts (VAPA).

Students are guided to:

  • Understand the historical and cultural contexts of works of art
  • Seek and construct meaning through encounters with art
  • Create narratives about artworks
  • Discover the significance and value of art in their lives
  • Create art back in the classroom and reflect upon what they have made.

Liberty Arts gallery has hosted over 4,000 student visits since opening in 2008.

Our grateful thanks go to the principals, teachers and parent volunteers who expend much time and effort arranging schedules, chaperones, and transportation, which make these visits possible.



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