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New Year, 2018 Education Explorations!
at Liberty Arts.

Our LIberty Arts Explorations education team look forward to hosting your schools and organizations with new classes for our upcoming exhibitions in 2018.

We have varied and fun exhibits sure to delight your participants in the coming months.

Our 90 minute programs are tailored to make the most out of their visits to the gallery; beginning with an introduction to the current show, a docent tour, and, most fun of all, a hands-on art project reflecting techniques, materials and/or media used by the artists. Available visit-days are Mondays and Tuesdays, morning or afternoon session.

Please email Liberty Arts, libertyartsgallery@gmail.com with preferred time, date, number of participants, with the subject “Explorations” to reserve a slot. We will get back to you.

One Family Inspired ~ January 2018

Liberty Arts wishes all our new and returning participants a very bountiful, and art-filled 2018! We would like to invite local schools and groups to One Family Inspired, opening on January 12th 2018, and running through February 16th 2018. Explorations’ 90 minute sessions are offered Mondays and Tuesdays at Liberty Arts gallery in Yreka. This is an exhibit featuring 3 artist-members of one family, Dolores Mitchell, James Osgood and Anne Mitchell, each specializing in a different genre: Painting, Sculpture and Photography, thus promising to be a visual and textural treat!

Dolores Mitchell’s oil painting, San Francisco, Three Goddesses;
James Osgood’s minimalist sculpture, Dad.

Our “Hands On” project, will offer students of all ages an opportunity to again take an actual, instant photograph with the Fuji cameras purchased for our Explorations program in 2016, thanks to a generous Shasta Regional Community Foundation and McConnell Foundation grant.

Ann Mitchell’s, The Choice, photography with digital imaging and manipulation;
right, an example of the class project in progress.

In keeping with the somewhat Surrealistic work of Anne Mitchell, the aim will be to create a background (from magazine cut-outs) and by adding the participant’s self-created photo image, produce a fleeting whisper of personal, possibly dreamlike, narrative.

Explorations classes include a short talk on the aim, genre, medium, and materials used by the artist; a docent tour; and a hands-on project pertinent to the process of the shown artwork. Mornings ( 90 minutes) are offered at or after 9.30 am. Afternoons (90 mins.) after 12.30 pm at Liberty Arts gallery, 108 W. Miner St. Yreka CA 96097. All Explorations! are free of charge. To reserve a session, email our Explorations team with the subject Explorations, stating preferred date, time and expected number of students/participants to libertyartsgallery@gmail.com


Cheeky Precision ~ December 2017

Mrs. Prosvernin’s Opportunity Class devised their own “Cabinets of Curiosity” using vintage “repurposed” boxes, and an assortment of “trinkets and treasures”. Each child certainly had a narrative to go along with their selection and arrangement of objects.
Kim Heilmann’s 5th grade class (Jackson St.) used aluminum wire to create a simple figure-armature, (inspired by Candace Miller’s papier-mache’ “tableau”) upon which they bound masking tape and accented with colored markers mimicking the painting style of Bay Area artist Dave Park.

The Unseen Seen ~ November 2017

Jackson St. School 5th gradeThe Unseen Seen is an exhibition, which was proposed by the late Daryl Brooks to explore how different artists approach Abstraction – the reduction of an object to its core components both in two and three dimensions. Local artists David Gochenour, William Wareham and Jon Rife agreed to join him in this challenge.

Explorations participants will further their experiences with abstraction, creating a bold and free overlay, as above, yet offering tantalizing glimpses of hidden ideas just beneath the surface!

Classes available Mondays and Tuesdays.  Morning (after 9.30) or Afternoon session (after 12.30 pm) for a 90 min. talk/discussion, docent tour, and hands-on art project.

Jackson St. School 5th grade class


On metallic paper backgroundthe students first sketched figurative images, then either applied repurposed cardboard and paper ( inspired by William Wareham’s 2 pieces using same) or were encouraged to use a “Jackson Pollack” approach (seen in Daryl Brooks’ works) by streaking/dripping liquid material to partially obscure their original motifs; thus following the exhibit’s concept of “The Unseen Seen”.

“Walk-Throughs”, (tour and explanation/discussion of the current works) for those with very limited time, may  be hosted on other days… by special   arrangement.

Please email Liberty Arts, libertyartsgallery@gmail.com with preferred time, date, number of participants, with the subject “Explorations” to reserve a slot. We will get back to you.


Liberty Arts Hours of Operation
Liberty Arts, 108 W. Miner Street in Historic Downtown Yreka, CA 96097
Summer Hours ~ Tuesday through Saturday, 10:00 ~ 5:00
Academic School Year ~ Tuesdays CLOSED to the public for Explorations Outreach Program
Sunday & Monday ~ CLOSED
530 842-0222

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